N2 Applied – plasma technology in farming

N2 Applied – plasma technology in farming More than 22 million tons of ammonia are lost from livestock farms around the world every year. Lost ammonia means lost fertilizer and

Söderåsen water

Söderåsen water Pierre Berg, a longtime employee at ScanArc and head of the pilot plant, has for some time adopted new challenges on Söderåsen’s water. He now works as a

2047 SCIENCE CENTER is established in Hofors

  2047 SCIENCE CENTER is established in Hofors 2047 Science Center is a hub that connects schools, academia and business and an important educational arena for inspiration, learning and innovation.

EMC 2019 in Germany

    EMC 2019 in Germany European Metallurgical Conference EMC is an international conference and meeting for metallurgists and engineers from the non-ferrous industry and research institutes in Europe. Delegates

ISO certification

ISO certification ScanArc Plasma Technologies AB has very long experience and proud traditions in the development of metallurgical processes. Over the last 30 years, we have been conducting a business

Concerning GDPR

Concerning GDPR ScanArc wants to inform its customers about the new EU Regulation, the GDPR, which will enter into force on May 25th. This regulation supersedes the former Swedish Personal

ArcFume opening at Metallo

ArcFume opening at Metallo In March 2018, people gathered at Metallo Group in Beerse for the opening of an ArcFume installation. The CEO of the Metallo Group, Dirk Vandenberghe, announced:

Visitors from NEW-MINE

Visitors from NEW-MINE  ScanArc participates in the major European project NEW-MINE, which addresses questions about how to extract resources from existing landfills while restoring the land and nature. We have

ArcFume workshop

ArcFume workshop Researchers and engineers from Belgian KU Leuven and Metallo Chimique, and Swedish KTH and ScanArc, met for two days for a workshop. The common denominator for all participants

ArcMetal – sister company of ScanArc

ArcMetal – sister company of ScanArc Our sister company ArcMetal has launched their new website, please visit at www.arcmetal.se.  ScanArc and ArcMetal has after many years apart once again become

ScanArc visits Metallic materials

ScanArc visits Metallic materials ScanArc visits the program conference for Metallic materials 14-15 March. ScanArc is represented by our metallurgist Johan Björklund. The strategic innovation program Metallic materials collects Sweden’s

SOCRATES: zero-waste society

SOCRATES: zero-waste society Researchers of EU Horizon 2020 project SOCRATES aim to develop new eco-friendly ways to recover economically valuable and critical metals from low-grade industrial process residues – challenges

Guest researcher at ScanArc

Hugo Lucas and his supervisor from ScanArc Daniel Sundberg.  Guest researcher at ScanArc ScanArc is part of the European research program NEW-MINE. NEW-MINE gathers scientists, engineers, economists and policy makers

National event for fly ashes from incineration

ScanArc head office Lissgården in Hofors. National event for fly ashes from incineration Energy companies in Sweden are gathered under an industry organization that collects nearly 400 companies that produce,

Plasma technology can contribute to environmentally friendly cement production

Plasma technology can contribute to environmentally friendly cement production Manufacturing of cement is a major environmental concern, it accounts for 3-5% of global carbon dioxide emissions. CemZero is a new

See a free burning plasma generator

See a free burning plasma generator Check out the movie when with a free burning plasma generator! The model shown in the film is our small model of 500 kW. In our range,

Just another brick in the wall?

Just another brick in the wall? ScanArc are members of the European Network EURELCO, a network to promote efforts to recover materials and energy from existing landfills and waste streams.

VINNOVA supports SiCAT and enhanced recycling of platinum

VINNOVA supports SiCAT and enhanced recycling of platinum  Stricter legislation in cleaning of vehicle exhaust gases was implemented in the late 80ies which forced installation of auto catalysts in all vehicles.

SIMIS: Innovative companies with international focus

  The industrial region Bergslagen is investing in a course in strategic market orientation. The aim of the course is to make a plan for marketing and internationalization targeting the