What we do, and how – follow the development of a project

Concept development

A potential client is facing a problem, for example a hazardous waste that constitutes a high cost or a by-product containing valuables. Contact is established with ScanArc and we start to look at the specific case. In this concept development we discuss, calculate and evaluate different alternatives to handle the material.

Demonstration and pilot plant testing

When we have found the best option on paper we go into demonstration and pilot plant testing. In our pilot plant we make scalable tests in our semi-commercial size reactor. Performing campaigns in our pilot plant gives a unique possibility to demonstrate the technology and provides a solid foundation to the feasibility of treatment the specific material. We look at pre-treatment of the material, how to mix it with additives and optimal process parameters to achieve requested chemical reactions. We evaluate the quality of the products resulting from the treatment and yield of recovered valuables.

Feasibility study

The results from the pilot test is used in a feasibility study where we evaluate the technical and economic potential to realize a full scale industrial treatment plant. This study is the decision documentation required by the customer to decide upon an investment.

Engineering design

Next step is to make the engineering design. Our experienced in-house team together with local and international engineering partners make a complete documentation to enter the next phase: construction of the industrial plant. The work includes lay-out and foundation drawings, equipment drawings, design documents, electrical engineering, functional descriptions, risk analyzes and more.

Procurement and installation

ScanArc handles procurement and installation of the core equipment.

Commissioning and start-up, training and education

A team of ScanArc engineers and process operators are on site during the commissioning and start-up of the plant, a team with vast experience on starting up new metallurgical facilities. The team will actively lead the start-up and the implementation of measures to optimize the process, while providing training and education to the new process operators. Now the plant is ready to be taken over by the customer.

Supply and service of core equipment

Our after sales services include supply and service of core equipment.

Consultancy and development projects

We undertake consultancy and development projects to further facilitate the operation.

Resources and competences

Our staff

ScanArc has a history of designing, engineering and erecting metallurgical plants. Throughout the years we have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge. We are problem solvers in its literal sense, and we are well known among our customers to undertake and solve most challenges. Our company is a creative environment and we represent many different fields of competence.

Pilot plant

ScanArc has a pilot plant with our metallurgical process concepts in semi-commercial sized reactors. It is a 1000 m2 facility with flexible set up of all our technology concepts that we provide: ArcFume, PyroArc, IronArc and DC furnaces. An essential part of our pilot plant is our plasma generator workshop.

We look at pre-treatment of the raw materials with possibilities to dry, mix and agglomerate. We evaluate optimal process parameters to achieve requested chemical reactions. With analyzing equipment we perform online measurement of slag, metal and gas compositions. We evaluate the quality of the products resulting from treatment, yield of recovered valuables and establish mass- and energy balances. Leach tests gives indications on potential area of use and classification of the products.

Performing test campaigns in our pilot plant gives a unique possibility to demonstrate technologies and provides valuable information when we initiate the design phase of an industrial facility.

Our technology

Research and development

ScanArc is an active part of many research projects in cooperation with universities, industry networks and research organizations. We want to contribute to the development of future technologies, be in the forefront and identify new markets. Our knowledge and pilot plant facility gives a unique contribution to research projects.

Our ambition is to always be present at relevant seminars and conferences within our field. Read our news to see ongoing research projects and where and when you can meet us!

Our technology

ScanArc is a technology provider, developing metallurgical processes for treatment of industrial and hazardous secondary products. We focus on industrial and hazardous products as we believe that the competitive edge of our technology is significant in this area. Our mission is to provide technology for the future, meeting the industry’s demands and taking care of the environment for future generations.

Our technologies are suitable for treatment of residues from industries: slags, dusts, sludges, ashes, leach residues, and other spent materials as electronic scrap and batteries.

With our technology we perform:

Deep-cleaning of slags for formation of leach stable slags with low remaining levels of valuable elements.

Extraction of metals for recycling 

  • Zinc

  • Lead

  • Indium

  • Germanium

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Platinum

  • Copper

  • Nickel

  • Cobalt

  • Chromium

  • Iron

Vitrification of flue dusts and ashes to transform a material into glass.

Destruction of hazardous substances as dioxins and Freons.

Energy recovery by gasification of organic compounds and fuel gas production.

Plasma Technology

The metallurgical processes developed at ScanArc are plasma based. In a plasma generator electric energy is transformed in to energy carried by a hot gas. The gas is injected to the processes as the main energy supply. Hence, our processes are electricity based and do not combust a fossil fuel to generate the high temperatures required for pyro-metallurgical processes. The direct CO2 emissions are therefore very low and opens for the possibility to supply energy from renewable sources.

The history of development of plasma based applications ranges from 1970. Today we are the world leading provider of plasma systems for metallurgical application.

Our plasma generators are developed in-house and we build each new generator from scratch in our workshop. After installation on site we provide service agreements where we supply spare parts, and we undertake consultancy and development projects to optimize the operation.

ScanArc deliver plasma systems in the power range o.1 to 8 MW with an energy efficiency of 85-90%. The plasma systems are compact, easy to maintain and reliable.

From a metallurgical point of view, the plasma generators have a key role in our processes. Any gas can be heated to plasma state, providing a wide range of options when designing process and gives rise to an important characteristic in the field of metallurgy: the ability to extract valuable metals to very low levels and produce a deep-cleaned slag.


A Breakthrough Technology for a Sustainable and Competitive Iron and Steel Industry

IronArc is a new and innovative ironmaking process that enables extended recovery of steel plant by-products and significantly decreases CO2 emissions, energy consumption and the use of coke and other fossil fuels in iron- and steelmaking.

Industrial production processes account for a considerable share of overall pollution in Europe, and specifically the iron- and steelmaking industry is associated with a large CO2 footprint with its blast furnaces and coke plants.

IronArc provides a means for the ironmaking industry to decrease its environmental impact. IronArc avoids the need for coke in the ironmaking process, and hence also the need for coke plants as part of the ironmaking process route. IronArc uses electricity to supply heat energy to the process, with coal being used only for the chemical final reduction to metallic iron. As a result, IronArc not only reduces the need for coal, it also enables the use of renewable-energy sources in the ironmaking process.

Owing to its unique process set-up IronArc enables the recycling of iron-oxide steel plant by-products on site. This enables plants both to treat their own byproducts independently and to move in the direction of zero landfill and European independence in waste management. IronArc further aims at preserving natural resources as it provides a means for steel plants to re-cycle not only iron units, but also valuable and rare alloying elements.

IronArc overcomes environmental challenges in both scrap and ore-based steel production routes and is therefore a technology breakthrough relevant for the whole iron-and-steel industry. By implementing IronArc the European steel industry will be in the forefront of environmentally friendlier ironmaking technologies and will thus be able to maintain its competitive advantage in a global industry.

ScanArc are in the phase of preparing for a first demonstration plant, and for transfer and replication of this technology on an international basis. IronArc will demonstrate the potential to reduce the environmental impact from iron- and steelmaking.