ScanArc head office Lissgården in Hofors.

National event for fly ashes from incineration

Energy companies in Sweden are gathered under an industry organization that collects nearly 400 companies that produce, distribute, sell and store energy. They organize a national event to discuss fly ashes from incineration and with focus on environmentally friendly and resource efficient management. ScanArc will attend the seminar by presenting our ArcFume process and the possibilities it offers.

ArcFume is a thermal treatment process for fly ashes from waste incineration. With ArcFume the fly ash is melted, heavy metals are extracted and what remains is a leach stable mineral product with very low levels of heavy metals. This means that a hazardous waste which today is landfilled, instead is converted into useful products. ArcFume offers a long-term, safe and sustainable management of fly ash, as well as an opportunity to be a leading country to minimize and utilize waste.

Incineration of municipal solid waste generate heat and electricity. At the same time a fly ash is produced, a hazardous waste containing dioxins, mercury and other heavy metals and poses a danger to humans and the environment. Wherever household waste is incinerated, landfill is the most common method of fly ash disposal. But with more stringent environmental constraints and increased environmental awareness, the desire of a more sustainable management of the fly ash increases. This can be seen in several countries from combustion plants, industry organizations, public demands, political agendas, ongoing research, and much more.


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