Plasma technology can contribute to environmentally friendly cement production

Manufacturing of cement is a major environmental concern, it accounts for 3-5% of global carbon dioxide emissions. CemZero is a new project launched by cement manufacturer Cementa and the energy company Vattenfall where they will work to reduce the emissions.

One step in the cement manufacturing process is to heat up limestone to 1450 ˚C to release carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide comes partly from this process, but also from the fuel required to heat the furnaces. CemZero will investigate the possibility of using electricity to heat the furnaces and thereby reduce carbon dioxide emissions. One technique that can contribute to successful results is plasma technology, which makes it possible to convert electrical energy into hot gas in an energy efficient way with very low carbon dioxide emissions.

Read more about CemZero at NyTeknik (in Swedish):
Siktar på eldrift av cementfabriker


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